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Competence and confidence

Today we are an international trading company and environmental services provider and offer a broad range of products and services which make your professional life easier, more comfortable and safer. We combine values with creative and innovative ideas. The scope of our activities extends from sales of new equipment to resale of revised office equipment (remarketing) to the recycling of electronic waste. With many years of experience we are now one of the largest trading companies for pre-owned office machines. 

Our customers and partners are located throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia and treasure our high quality machinery and the quality standards we provide.


Second hand but first class!

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Our certifications

  • Environmental Management System certified to ISO 14001
  • Certified waste management company
  • Authorized Exporter with AEO certificate

Management and employees

Daniel Morgenstern::Director
Daniel Morgenstern
Tanja Morgenstern::Adviser
Tanja Morgenstern
Monika Morgenstern::Adviser
Monika Morgenstern
Matthias Morgenstern::Adviser
Matthias Morgenstern




Our environmental commitments

  • We have implemented an Environmental Management System and are certified to ISO 14001.
  • The city of Tübingen honored our commitment to reduce energy consumption with the ceritificate „Blauer-Sterne-Betrieb“.
  • Our principles in dealing with the environment and natural resources can be found here.
  • We support Ecosia that donates 80% of its revenue for environmental protection.
  • We obtain 100% climate-neutral gas and green power from regenerative sources.


Our commitment to and for the society

We support the following organizations and projects:

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Certificate 2015

AEO Zertifikat

Auszeichnung Blaue-Sterne-Betrieb

Klimaschutz Zertifikat Lichtblick Cerona