Why remarketing?

Many companies replace their IT equipment at regular intervals. Since the lifespan of these IT devices are usually much longer, these machines can be refurbished for a second life cycle. Due to their low prices and high functional rate, these second hand devices are very attractive on second hand markets.

In this way, IT remarketing helps businesses to act with economic efficiency and ecological responsibility. In times of scare natural resources, IT remarketing makes a valuable contribution to preserve resources and to support environmental protection.

As a remarketing expert, we are specialized in the reuse and resale of office machinery. In dealing with used equipment we place particular emphasis on quality and reliability.




Remarketing - What happens?


1. Evaluation of machines
2. Reinstallation and collection of the equipment (logistic solutions)
3. Classification of machines (evaluation and documantation)

3a Professional refurbishment and data erasure

3b Recycling or disposal

4. Remarketing 

You want to sell used IT-equipment?


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You want to buy used  IT-equipment?


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Data erasure

of all confidential data on the devices.

Evaluation and documentation

of received equipment.

Logistics Solutions

professional collection and delivery.


of defective IT equipment.


of obsolete products.


for your personal an individual request.