Recycling of office equipment - our commitment to the environment

An estimated 10 million tons of electrical and electronic waste are generated annually in Europe. In times of decreasing resources, resource recovery and energy conservation are very important. Valuable secondary raw materials can be recovered from discarded equipment. So recycling makes an important contribution to a sustainable resource protection.


Our recycling is environmentally friendly and sustainable

As a certified waste management company we meet the legal and technical requirements for an environmentally sound and sustainable recycling. With our own disassembly line we can dismantle equipment and perform real recycling within our own company.


If required by law or as an additional customer service: We help manufacturers to implement their product responsibility. As a certified waste management company we offer take-back solutions according to the electrical law and Recycling Act (KrWG).


Do you have an overstock on used equipment in your company?
We offer professional and environmentally sound recycling solutions!


We recycle all industrial waste from the office environment, e.g. office equipment, PCs, notebooks and office furniture.



How does recycling work with us?




of used equipment that can be repaired and reconditioned.

Data erasure

of all confidential data on the devices.

Evaluation and documentation

of received equipment.

Logistics Solutions

professional collection and delivery.


of defective IT equipment.


of obsolete products.


for your personal an individual request.