With proper waste disposal, we conserve natural resources and reduce waste

Why are we good at waste disposal?

We are responsible for:

  • Professional collection
  • Environmentally friendly recycling
  • Resource efficient raw material recovery
  • Return of secondary raw materials to the raw materials cycle


Why are we qualified for your disposal?

  • We are a certified waste management company
  • We go through annual inspections by an independent expert
  • We are supervised by the local environment agency
  • We perform a detailed documentation of all waste streams
  • We work exclusively with certified service providers
  • We conduct regular internal and external training courses

What do we discard?

Ferrous metals, Copper, Aluminum, other metals, Circuit Boards, Electrical cables, Wood, Plastics, Styrofoam, Glass, Paper and cardboard.


We also offer the following services:

  • Redemption solutions for industrial and electrical equipment
  • Disposal of your logistics industrial waste
  • Roll-back solutions for industrial and electrical equipment
  • IT recycling of electronic waste

Each request is handled individually and personally.

Please contact us!


of used equipment that can be repaired and reconditioned.

Data erasure

of all confidential data on the devices.

Evaluation and documentation

of received equipment.

Logistics Solutions

professional collection and delivery.


of defective IT equipment.


for your personal an individual request.